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Update (Monday 3/6/13)


So, great news! I finished my undergraduate degree last week, which means all of the work that has stopped me from updating the blog is gone. As of next Monday (June 10th) regular updates will resume again.

Also, there’s some very big news – we have a new writer for the site! My colleague from College, Danny Riordan, is going to start writing Thursday posts for the site. He’s going to be concentrating on high level physics. So what this means is that Monday posts will remain, for the most part, about general (astro)physics, where I will still try and avoid using equations. Danny’s pieces will then go into advanced physics with a lot more depth, and use equations and computer programs and a lot more of the advanced concepts that we’ve learned over the last 4 years.

Now, my plan for the coming weeks. My last post, about Annihilation, is part of a series of sorts. The coming weeks are all going to be about the formation of our Universe – so the coming weeks titles are going to be:

  1. Plasma
  2. The First Few Seconds
  3. The Dark Ages
  4. The First Stars

After that, I’m just going to see where things go.

Finally, if you haven’t liked our Facebook page, you can find it here – we use it for updating about day-to-day stories that we probably won’t get a chance to write about, or will do in a few months.

As always, comment with any suggestions you have for the blog.

Mark ( & expect to here from Danny soon)


About irishphysicist

I'm a PhD student with the Departments of Physics in University College Cork, Ireland and University of Notre Dame, Indiana. I want to try and bring astrophysics to the public, and also would like world domination. But that's a story for another day.

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