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The Week Unraveled February 5th, 2015

To Listen:


NASA puts forward budget for mission to Europa, a moon of Jupiter

The Europa Clipper Website

Scientists Want To Trick The Gut Into Burning Fat Without Food

Planck Telescope says stars younger than previously thought

Planck Telescope corrects Inflation Claim by BICEP

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Website

Note: The JWST was actually meant to launch in 2010. It’s been delayed several times, and now will be launched in 2018, and has gone from a $0.5 billion budget to a $8.8 billion budget.

Note: I was wrong when I said Planck was still operating – it ceased operations in 2013, but data is still being analysed and released from it

The FCC won’t let us be.

Japan opening hotel manned by robots

Computing power per $1000

SMAP launch and mission page

This Week in Science

Kepler 444, and the new Earth-like planet

Nature 7 days


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I'm a PhD student with the Departments of Physics in University College Cork, Ireland and University of Notre Dame, Indiana. I want to try and bring astrophysics to the public, and also would like world domination. But that's a story for another day.

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